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Eric's Links

  • www.facebook.com/pointsnorthband
    The Points North Facebook page
  • www.guitarplayer.com
    Guitar Player Magazine, who selected me for Guitar Superstar 2008, and interviewed me for their August 2012 edition.
  • www.musicianwar.com
    A music competition site. It's a wonderful community of dedicated musicians spanning all levels of talent from beginner to professional. I have to personally credit the site with motivating me to push myself in a way I haven't done in many years, and I'm grateful to the site and its members for the inspiration.
  • www.ericglassmusic.com
    Eric Glass. I'm not quite sure if he's really a space alien, or just the most amazing guitarist and musician to be spawned this side of Pluto. Highly recommended, Eric is one of the most innovative players I've ever heard.
  • www.dannydanzi.com
    Danny takes 80's style metal to its logical conclusion. One of the best pure guitarists I've ever heard, and an amazing engineer and producer to boot. Danny mastered the version of Steve's Morsels that's available here for download, and I have to personally thank him for all of his assistance teaching me production and engineering skills and approaches.
  • www.chrisharford.com
    Chris is a singer/songwriter based in central New Jersey; I played with him in a band called Squalor back in the early 90's. Chris is an extremely talented musican, artist, and producer, and he was very influential with regards to my own approach to songwriting and sense of musical dynamic. Chris had a record out on Elektra in 1992, and is still going strong; in fact his latest record was just picked up by Reincarnate Records, distributed by Sony/BMG - congrats Chris!

Kevin's Links

  • http://www.camelproductions.com
    Although not strictly an instrumental band, it was Camel's instrumental tunes and passages that turned me on to instrumental music. Hearing early tunes like "Earthrise" (from Mirage, 1974) and the classic "Lunar Sea" (Moonmadness, 1976) got me hooked in an instant. Camel are still at it after 30 years. Neither fast nor flashy, guitarist Andy Latimer plays with a depth of emotion that is rarely heard these days. "Sahara" from Rajaz (1999) and "Ice" (1979) are classic examples. Anyone who has seen Camel live knows what I'm talking about. Andy is one of my co- all-time favorite guitarists. The other one being...
  • http://www.stevemorse.com
    Steve Morse. He is clearly one of the best and most prolific guitarists of his time. My first exposure to Steve was in 1977 when the Dixie Dregs 'What If' album came out. The first tune "Take It Off The Top", blew me away and I have been hooked on Steve AND drummer Rod Morgenstein and instrumental rock music ever since. The first time I saw them live in 1978 was a jaw dropping experience. I catch them whenever I can - you should too!
  • http://www.spaundrums.com
    The home page of Spaun drums, which I play exclusively.
  • http://www.sabian.com
    I also prefer Sabian cymbals...

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Our second self titled album on Magna Carta Records is now available!

March 3, 2023
Fred Barchetta/Points North @ Roseville Operahouse!

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